The WNTI WINTER SAMM 2023 - Celebrating 25 Years of Keeping Nuclear Moving, was held in London from the 5 – 7 December 2023 and was a resounding success.

The overwhelming support and enthusiastic participation that our members and guests demonstrated during this year’s members meeting have indeed made the occasion not only successful, but also a memorable one. The exchange of knowledge, experiences and innovative ideas during our event was immensely enriching. These interactions and collaborations amongst us continue to pave the way towards the improvement and enhancement of our nuclear transport industry. The success of the WNTI WINTER SAMM event is truly a reflection of the strong ties that we have within our community. Here’s to another year of advancing our cause, navigating challenges and driving forward the global nuclear transport industry.

Session 1 – Front End Programme

The Front-End Programme was the first session of the SAMM, featuring the Marc-Andre Charette (Cameco) Chair of the UOC Working Group and Joel Kruelher (Urenco) and Chair of the HEX Working Group. The session kicked off with a discussion on combining the UOC and HEXT working groups into a single Front-End Transport working group, which would also include Fuel Manufacturing. However, after careful consideration, the WNTI Members decided that the two working groups would not be merged, and the terms of reference would be updated for each working group.

The session also included an ISO WG 4 update on the ISO 7195 and the Standard for UOC Drums. Additionally, there was an informative discussion on UF6 Package approvals, including the status of Certificates of Compliances and lessons learnt of the DN30 package.

The working group Chairs gave an update on their event participation in 2023, such as the Industry Workshop on Leu+ and HALEU held in Washington, and what to expect in 2024, such as RAMTrans from 15 – 17 May 2024. They also gave a publication update, revealing that they were currently working on a revision of the Good Practise Guide for the Installation of Valves and Plugs in UF6 Cylinders as well as the Standard for Packaging and Transport of Uranium Concentrates.

Session 2 – Back End Programme

The Back-End Programme was the next session, with Yukio Okabe, Secretary of the Back-End Transport Working Group, giving the introduction and validation of the minutes from the previous meeting. Pierre Malesys then spoke about good practices and lessons learnt on the transport of spent nuclear fuel and the development of the IAEA publication. He also gave an update on the regulatory change proposals for transporting ILW (“high” dose rate waste).

Alan Moses, Chair of the Spent Fuel Working Group, was next up, introducing the new working group. Dr Richard Veazy then gave a captivating presentation on the Fuel Route to Sellafield ponds and Degradation Mechanisms. Phil Buxton spoke next, covering topics such as ageing management and knowledge management. Beverley Stothart then discussed transport capabilities and internal and external requirements. Finally, Alan Moses closed the session with a Q&A.

Session 3 – Generation Programme

After lunch, members reconvened for the third session of the day which saw Scott Edwards, representing Mikal Boe, as Maritime Applications and Nuclear Propulsion Working Group Chair. Scott spoke about WNTI’s involvement in the IAEA International Symposium on the Development of Floating Nuclear Power Stations that took place in November this year. He then gave an update on the Gap Analysis on the IMO A.491 (XII) Code for Safety for Nuclear Merchant Ships. The Gap Analysis task forces were introduced as Nuclear Safety led by Dr. Mamdouh el-Shanawany, Core Power, Nuclear Security and Safeguards, led by Marc Fialkoff, Oakridge and Maritime Safety and Liability, led by Jez Sims, Lloyds Register.

George Burnett, representing Ben Whittard as Chair of the New Nuclear Working Group, was up next, introducing the new working group and its mission: to help members enable the successful roll-out of small modular and advanced nuclear technologies, globally contributing to the efforts to move away from fossil fuels and improve energy security. He then introduced the Task Forces of the Working Group as Transport Advocacy, Policy and Regulations, Security & Safeguards and People & Skills.

The final session of the day saw the Emergency Preparedness and Response Working Group give an interesting presentation. The Working Group Chair, Hiro, introduced the session, which saw Rémi Bonnet, Orano NPS, give an interesting Member Presentation on Orano NPS Emergency Preparedness and Response Organisation, which looked at Crisis Management in France, the NPs Crisis Management Organisation, and Transport Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan.

After such an interesting day, the members joined the WNTI Team to celebrate another successful event and WNTI’s 25th Birthday at Aubaine, Marylebone, where they danced the night away in high spirits.

The 25th birthday celebration of WNTI at the Winter SAMM Dinner held at Aubaine in Marylebone last night was enjoyed by all the members and the WNTI Team. As well as a great networking event for our community, attendees were thrilled with live performances by silver service singing waiters who had the audience thoroughly captivated, whilst an artist drew amusing charactures, adding a layer of interactive entertainment to the night’s events. The meal served was enjoyed by all and the dance floor never lacked in enthusiastic movers and shakers, making the event an incredible success. Special recognition is owed to Amy Northage and the devoted restaurant staff at Aubaine, who brilliantly coordinated the event. Their commitment and seamless execution played an essential role in the successful running of the event. Here’s to another 25 years of WNTI’s tremendous achievements!

Session 4 – Enabling Programme

On the final day of World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) WINTER SAMM, last Thursday, there was productive session dedicated to the Policy and Regulation Delivery Stream. Kicking off with a brief summary of this year’s work, Steve Crane, Chair of the Working Group, delivered a general update on the delivery stream. Pierre MALESYS followed up with information about the SSR-6 revision cycle, and shed light on the support they offer the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) TRANSSC for updates related to SSG-26 guidance. Looking ahead, the delivery stream engaged in discussions around future work and event participation for the upcoming year.

The summary session was followed by a comprehensive workshop on the Policy and Regulation Delivery Stream, where Daniel Fisher, the delivery stream Co-Chair, presented the Terms of Reference and Objectives for the next two years. Steve Crane then reviewed WNTI documentation belonging to the delivery stream, outlining a plan for when each document would be reviewed and updated. Pierre MALESYS went in-depth into WNTI’s interaction the IAEA, discussing the review and revision process of IAEA Regulations over the next few years. Simon Chaplin gave a thorough presentation on the policy and regulation for nuclear transport in the IMO. He also shared that WNTI’s attendance at the IMO CCC9 in 2023, along with Pierre MALESYS, Eric Reber, Daniel Fisher and Elisa Penda, where the WNTI/IAEA co-sponsored paper – Amendments to the IMDG Code and Supplements’ was submitted. Florian Darras discussed the events attended in 2023 and the roadmap of current ISO regulations and their status. Pierre MALESYS also updated the attendees on the status of WNTI proposals for SSR-6 and led a discussion on the need for guidance for the Operational Matters Taskforce.

In the final section of the workshop, Daniel Fisher shared insights into the TRANSSC Working Group on Changing the Revision Process. He then sought feedback from the members on whether they would like WNTI to provide Class 7 Training and discussed how it would be approached.

Overall, the workshop proved to be highly informative and beneficial to all attendees. Looking ahead, the Policy and Regulation Delivery Stream eagerly anticipates sharing future updates.

Plenary Sessions

The World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) WINTER SAMM came to a close with three impactful plenary sessions. The first session featured the WNTI Growth Panel, which unveiled two new members of the community – American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and newcleo. The representatives from the two organisations, Dillon Yi, Principal Marine Nuclear Engineer at ABS and Steve Capner, Head of Nuclear Materials Supply and Logistics at newcleo provided an insight into their respective companies, as well as the reasons for their membership in WNTI, highlighting how the affiliation would benefit their organisations.

The Partner Panel, the second session, included Serge Gorlin, Head of Membership and Business Development at World Nuclear Association, and Marc Fialkoff, Regulatory Specialist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. They spoke about the fruitful relationship their organisations have enjoyed with WNTI over the past 25 years.

Finally, the WNTI: The Next 25 Years panel featured Tony Grange representing the WNTI membership, Amy Northage representing the WNTI team, Peter Buchan representing the WNTI Board of Directors and Martin Porter, WNTI Secretary General. This panel discussed the future of WNTI and fielded questions from attendees.

And that concludes the overview of the very successful WNTI WINTER SAMM 2023! 🎉

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5 - 7 December 2023
London, United Kingdom
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