We are the voice of the nuclear transport industry.

At the forefront of the global nuclear transport industry stands the World Nuclear Transport Institute – a dedicated membership and non-governmental organisation committed to advocating, supporting and driving progress in this critical field. Drawing from a wealth of over 25 years of experience, the WNTI is deeply committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity, recognising that collaboration is essential to making a meaningful impact.

With a network of 40+ influential companies, the WNTI provides a dedicated platform and essential resources to drive change and shape the future of nuclear transport. As an institute, we are deeply passionate about tackling the technical challenges that define the industry. We actively engage in lobbying efforts to influence policymakers and ensure the industry’s voice is heard. We also provide a platform for our members to express their concerns and ideas, promoting vibrant debate and discussion that ultimately drives excellence.

Being a WNTI member is a mark of quality that identifies companies as part of an experienced group of professionals actively contributing to the nuclear transport industry while driving the highest standards. With a Head Office in London and regional representatives in Washington, D.C., China, Australia and Tokyo, we strive to ensure safe and secure nuclear transport around the globe.