IAEA Denial of Shipments Working Group – New Consultant Appointed


26 January 2024

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ulric Schwela as a Consultant on Denial of Shipment at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the 1st December 2023.

Mr. Schwela comes with a vast experience in the field, bringing an impressive array of skills and a commendable vision for our collective purpose. He is highly driven and committed to guiding us forward, focusing on issues regarding the denial and delays of shipments of radioactive material. We believe he will perform admirably in addressing and mitigating the challenges this role may pose.

This partnership symbolises our unified mission towards ensuring safety and resolving complex nuclear transportation issues worldwide.

We extend our gratitude towards the organisations, alongside WNTI, who have contributed towards the financial facilitation of this position.

We look forward to the collaboration and guidance of Mr. Schwela and eagerly anticipate the shared achievements our future holds.

“Delighted to have taken up a post as Consultant on Denial of Shipment at the IAEA. This will provide support to the Denial of Shipment Working Group, which began a four-year term in January 2023.

The denial of shipment of radioactive materials, is an issue that can affect anyone anywhere, and is of particular importance to those receiving treatment with radiopharmaceuticals. Radioactive materials are used directly or indirectly in the manufacture or treatment of all manner of goods that benefit society, as well as providing electricity, all of which are peaceful uses of the atom to make the world a better place.

Looking forward to assisting the DoS WG in effecting real change on this issue.”
Ulric Schwela Consultant on Denial of Shipment at the IAEA

About Delay and Denial of Shipments

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Delay and Denial of Shipments are an explicit or implicit refusal to carry a shipment of radioactive material, though it conforms to the applicable Regulations.

In other words, a consignment of radioactive material is being packaged and transported in accordance with all regulations, it is labelled and documented correctly, all safety and security requirements are being met, both national and international … yet it is still being refused shipment. This could be a Denial when a consignment is refused carriage at a point during its journey, such as prior to loading on to a ship, aircraft of other transport mode. A Denial where a consignment cannot use a particular route due to policies in place somewhere along that route that prevent its carriage.

And where a consignment is Delayed because it is forced to use a longer route, because a more direct route is not available.

About the IAEA DoS Working Group

The IAEA has established the Denial of Shipment Working group, tasked with considering the options for addressing these issues, and the World Nuclear Transport Institute is a member of this working group.

The denial of shipment working group is supported by 3 sub-working groups (SWG):

  1. SWG-1: DoS Data Collection, Analysis and Metrics
  2. SWG-2: Possible Solutions for DoS Problems
  3. SWG-3: Awareness, Training and Outreach

WNTI Specialist, Simon Chaplin has been appointed as Co-Chair to SWG-3, and WNTI Marketing and Communications Manager, Emily Midgley, is also a member of SWG-3 where she can offer her expertise on stakeholder engagement.

To facilitate the work of the Denial of Shipment Working group, the IAEA has engaged the services of a full-time consultant, paid with contribution from various stakeholder organisations including WNTI.

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If you have any questions about Delay and Denial of Shipment please contact WNTI Specialist, Simon Chaplin.
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Capt. Simon Chaplin

Maritime and Security Specialist