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31 January 2022


Eileen Supko

Reminder Regarding U.S. Competent Authority Actions Associated with SSR-6 Review Cycle

In November, Rick Boyle, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the U.S. Competent Authority (CA) provided information to WNTI’s representative in North America regarding the upcoming SSR-6 Review Cycle.

In January, Mr. Boyle informed Ms. Supko that it was unlikely that a Federal Register Notice would be published in sufficient time to receive proposed changes to SSR-6.  However, the DOT continues to welcome proposed changes to SSR-6 from interested parties.

Here are the relevant dates for submittal to the U.S. CA.

Proposal Submission Schedule:

  • DOT must submit US proposals US Mission at the IAEA by March 11, 2022
  • Interested parties in the US must submit proposals to DOT March 1, 2022.

Submitting a Proposal:

  • Interested parties in the US should use the attached form to submit their regulatory change proposals or to identify regulatory problems (Attachment 1 to this Member News).
  • Interested parties in the US should follow the attached instructions for submitting their regulatory change proposals or to identify regulatory proposals (Attachment 2 to this Member News)
  • Interested parties in the US are encouraged to file electronically and attach their proposal to an email addressed to:
  • Interested Parties may file by mail using following address:

Mr. Richard Boyle

U.S. Department of Transportation


1200 New Jersey Ave. SE

Washington, DC  20590

Proposal Processing:

  • In compiling the proposal package for submission to IAEA, DOT will eliminate duplicates and proposals that do not meet the submission thresholds.
  • A copy of the DOT submission package to IAEA will be available, upon request, after March 11, 2021. DOT does not intend to contact individual interested parties.

WNTI proposals can be submitted to the U.S. CA through the above process.  If any WNTI member companies need assistance in submitting proposals to the U.S. CA, please contact Eileen Supko ([email protected]) for assistance.

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