London International Shipping Week 2023

About London International Shipping Week 2023

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London International Shipping Week 2023, took place between 11th and 15th September 2023, and saw over 200 industry functions and unique networking opportunities attended by leaders from across all sectors of the international shipping industry – regulators, charterers, ship owners, ship managers, bunker suppliers, lawyers, ship brokers, bankers, insurers, insurance brokers, commodity traders and brokers, ship suppliers, port operators, shipping service providers and many more. This included many representatives from WNTI member organisations.

WNTI members, Lloyd’s Register (LR), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and, Core Power all held events during the week.

Lloyd’s Register organised the opening night of ‘SHE_SEES’: the Rewriting Women into Maritime (RWM) exhibition hosted at the International Maritime Organization.

This exhibition celebrated the first year of the RWM initiative – a collaboration launched by Lloyd’s Register and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation with more than 30 leading maritime organisations to change perceptions on the historical role of women in shipping.

SHE_SEES featured stories of women in maritime – past, present and future. For many years, women have played an important and instrumental role in maritime but all too often they have been overlooked or simply forgotten. Stories were shared to help shine a light their incredible contribution to the industry.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Sustainability Summit 2023

Whether exploring new technologies or implementing alternative fuel options, lessons learned and insights gained across industries will help drive collaboration among key stakeholders within the maritime community and lead to smarter and more sustainable operations.

In this year’s Sustainability Summit, ABS and other leading voices explored the emerging fuel value chains and the impact they will have on the evolving green shipping ecosystem and the global energy transition. ABS presented the findings from the soon-to-be released outlook which examines the latest regulations and technologies as well as the current state of the carbon, ammonia and hydrogen value chains.

The Core Power New Nuclear in Maritime Symposium 2023 consisted of three sessions with industry panelists offering a holistic view of new nuclear for maritime, including a look at the addressable market in offshore and maritime, covering both synthetic fuel production and propulsion.

They considered the current and future legislative framework for maritime nuclear in conjunction with flag, class and insurance, before finally analysing what advanced nuclear floating solutions might look like, how they will be built and operated, along with their economic and environmental benefits.

In the session ‘Rules and regulations – getting ready for the ‘end game’, WNTI Board Member, Peter Buchan, talked about the role that WNTI plays within the IAEA and IMO in helping to shape the regulations. Many of the delegates are new to the topic of nuclear material and Peter was able to assure them that moving nuclear material at sea is nothing new, having been safely transported by sea for many decades.