Keeping Nuclear Moving for 25 Years


28 April 2023

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the founding of our World Nuclear Transport Institute, WNTI.

I am so incredibly proud to be leading WNTI through this exciting time as we learn from the past and shape our safe and secure future. I am absolutely clear that the privilege that I carry, and that I value above all, is only there as a result of the hard work and dedication of the team that have supported WNTI in its first 25 years. As Secretary General, I have an illustrious set of predecessors who have shown great foresight and resilience to build the WNTI that we enjoy today. So my eternal gratitude is extended to Lorne Green, Henry-Jacques Neau and John Mulkern who have all contributed to gifting me a great, global team! Over the many years there have been many, many pieces of incredible work but I must single out one project that, to my mind, was defining of our talent. That project was the work to keep the fleets of HEX cylinders available and moving at a time when there were many challenges to operability and the easy choice would have been to ground the fleet. At a time when energy security is one of the most prominent global issues, that work, delivered quietly and efficiently truly did ‘keep the lights on’. This and many other worthy pieces of work are what defines us as the voice and workhorse of the nuclear transport sector. We truly and demonstrably are Keeping Nuclear Moving!

But what of the next 25 years? Global challenges have crystallised our thinking on the need for energy security and with this comes many challenges, not least for transport. Moving fuelled micro-reactors and packaged SMR/AMR fuel present us with technical, regulatory and operational challenges whilst delays and denials continue to hamper getting much needed medial isotopes to the patient. Positively, nuclear propulsion is an opportunity that will decarbonise and drive efficiency in the maritime sector and we are front and central in preparing for this. The longevity of the existing fuel supply routes and fuel manufacturing capability also continue to keep us busy and relevant. All these matters and more are built into our recent strategic review outcomes and will provide us with a workplan for the coming decades. So with this I say, celebrate the successes of our first 25 years, seize the learning and prepare for our exciting future!


– Martin Porter, WNTI Secretary General

“28 April 2023 marks the 25th Anniversary of the founding of our WNTI. Whilst celebrating this significant milestone, it is timely to reflect on our successes to date and gather the lessons learned to reconfigure and improve our delivery to enable the nuclear industry’s future transport missions. Low carbon nuclear will only succeed in supplementing renewable energy generation in driving for net-zero if we can adapt and deliver fit-for-purpose policy, regulations and practice. As we support and enable this nuclear renaissance, we will continue to drive the highest standards of safety and security in the transport of nuclear and radioactive materials.”
Chris Watson WNTI Chair

Keeping Nuclear Moving

As we look to the next 25 years and beyond we will continue to maintain the highest standards of safety and security in the global transport of nuclear and radioactive materials.



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