Announcing new WNTI Member: newcleo Ltd

A new, innovative player in nuclear energy


1 November 2023

We are pleased to welcome another new member to the WNTI community – newcleo Ltd.!

Launched in September 2021, newcleo is an innovative force in the field of nuclear energy.

newcleo’s mission is clear: they are dedicated to generating safe, clean, and sustainable nuclear energy. Their approach involves merging existing, accessible technologies to deliver cost-effective solutions. This commitment is bolstered by a positive company culture and a strong sense of belonging among their team. Something we at WNTI strongly support.

With its headquarters situated in London, newcleo also boasts an international research and development centre in Turin, Italy, alongside additional operations in Bologna and at the ENEA Brasimone site. Furthermore, the company maintains a subsidiary in France.
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newcleo in 60 Seconds

newcleo is addressing the ever-increasing energy demands over the coming years, with nuclear fission as a viable solution for generating dependable, clean energy. They are striving to minimise nuclear fissions environmental impact by developing more sustainable practices. Their reactor model improves fuel efficiency, boosts safety measures whilst keeping the cost competitive, and can consume existing nuclear waste as fuel.

They are developing and building lead-cooled fast reactors (LFRs) fuelled with MOX which marks the onset of the next generation (Generation IV) of nuclear reactors, aimed at mitigating climate change and aiding global decarbonisation. With an eye towards a safer and more sustainable future, their team is dedicated to creating innovative reactors that not only provide a stable power source, but also minimise nuclear waste volumes.

The addition of newcleo to the WNTI membership reinforces our commitment to bring together industry professionals for driving the highest standards of safety and security in the global transport of nuclear and radioactive materials. Their innovation expertise and fresh approach to nuclear technology will add tremendous value to our community.

Welcome newcleo!