WNTI Collaboration – ‘Yes to Nuclear Perspectives’


21 December 2021

‘Yes to Nuclear Perspectives’ is a new initiative launched by the New Nuclear Watch Institute (NNWI) and being supported by WNTI.

NNWI are committed to promoting the use of nuclear science and technology as the world works towards achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

WNTI will collaborate, along with other partners, broadcasting these important messages in the lead up to COP-26 in November 2021.

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Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals - Improving the world’s understanding of nuclear power

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November Publications

October Publications

SDG Perspective: SDG1, SDG11, SDG12 & SDG16
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Nuclear applications in medicine
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Country Perspective: Nuclear Industry in Africa
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September Publications

SDG Perspective: SDG4 Quality education, SDG5 Gender equality &
SDG10 Reduced inequalities
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'Yes to Nuclear' looks at how nuclear technology can contribute towards reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 4 'Quality Education', SDG 5 'Gender Equality', SDG 10 Reducing Inequalities'.

The abundant and reliable energy that nuclear power brings, can help to lift communities out of poverty, giving them the opportunity to focus on improving lives through better education and health.

Construction of nuclear power plants
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September's 'Industry Perspective' article looks at how nuclear power plants help to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, as well as adding to broader economic growth.

Many countries that have long been producers of fossil fuels are now looking to go nuclear.

Country Perspective: Nuclear Industry in the Middle East
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'Country Perspective' focuses on the Middle East, and has a view point from Tarek Abdel Aziz Faraq, from the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority.

August Publications

SDG6 Clean water and sanitation,
SDG14 Life below water & SDG15 Life on land
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Sustainable development goals for Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG6), Life below water (SDG14) and Life on Land (SDG15) are examined to see how nuclear energy can contribute to reaching these goals. This includes using nuclear power for desalination, switching to nuclear to replace fossil fuel burning energy production, and using nuclear power in favour of other renewable sources that require the takeover of large areas of undeveloped land and natural habit.

Nuclear Application - Potential role of nuclear cogeneration: heat applications
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'Yes to Nuclear' looks at how heat generated from nuclear power plants can be applied to industrial and social uses. This includes district heating and the industrial sector where, traditionally, the burning of fossil fuels is needed as a heat source.

Country Perspective - V4, the Visegrád Group
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The 'country perspective' focuses on the Visegrád Group countries of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.
Nuclear power is the largest source in the Hungarian energy mix, with its share around 50% in domestic production. Slovakia and the Czech Republic both have growing nuclear energy sectors, and Poland plans to build the countries first nuclear plant by 2033.

July Publications

Country Perspective - Ukrainian nuclear industry
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Nuclear application in food and agriculture
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SDG Perspective - SDG2 Zero Hunger and SDG3 Good Health and Well-being
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June Publications

Country Perspective - Canadian nuclear industry
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SMRs and AMRs for the sustainable development and its role in combating climate change
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Partnerships for the goals (SDG17)
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May Publications

Nuclear and SDG13: Climate Action
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It is an undisputable fact that Nuclear power is one of the most efficient ways to achieve the climate goals that the world has committed to. This subject is highlighted in the latest ‘Yes to Nuclear’ release, Nuclear and SDG13: Climate Action.

Nuclear and Heavy Industry Decarbonisation
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Currently, worldwide industry is heavily dependent on the burning of fossil fuels. This is unsustainable given the global communities commitment to tackling climate change. The latest ‘Yes to Nuclear’ publication examines how industry can be cleaned up by adopting nuclear power.

Country Perspective - Russian Nuclear Industry
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Russia was one of the first adopters of nuclear power, and this commitment has not diminished. ‘Yes to Nuclear’ looks at how Russia remains at the forefront of nuclear technology through investment and innovation.

April Publications

Country Perspective - Chinese nuclear industry
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Nuclear Waste Management
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Nuclear waste icon

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
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March Publications

Decent Work and Economic Growth
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Nuclear Industry and Transport
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French Nuclear Industry
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February Publications

Affordable and clean energy
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Nuclear-produced hydrogen
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Country Perspective - The United States of America
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