WNTI Celebrates 20 Years Of Safe Nuclear Transport


1 August 2019

WNTI members travelled to London to celebrate 20 years of the institute's dedication to nuclear transport safety and security. Members met at the House of Commons, to recall the events and progress during the last 20 years and in the evening, held a celebratory dinner on board The Silver Sturgeon, traversing the London Thames.

WNTI reaches this milestone with a growing global representation of nearly 50 member companies worldwide, from a range of nuclear industry sectors.

Representatives from Sellafield Ltd, Swiss Nuclear Fuel Commission, Urenco, Cameco Corporation and International Nuclear Services (INS) act as WNTI Working Group Chairmen, whilst the founder member organisations occupy the WNTI board and nuclear transport specialists from these organisations are seconded to the institute’s Head Office in London.

“I'm proud to be the Secretary General of WNTI, an organisation which has attracted member companies from across the world, at the time of its 20th Anniversary.

In addition to our core work with organisations such as IMO and IAEA, we have collaborated with other global partners on areas such as transport security. We develop solutions in the five WNTI Working Groups, that result in best practice guides and we share our 'best-practice' approach at many international conferences.”
John Mulkern WNTI Secretary General

WNTI continues to build upon its long-established role as the interface between regulator and industry, looking to both anticipate and react to technical, operational or regulatory issues its members may face and utilising its consultative status with the key UN bodies governing civil radioactive materials transport and packaging regulatory structure.  Member meetings provide opportunities for consultation, vital information exchange and risk management, to form the industry positions and response.

“WNTI is the voice of its members, in order to bring a common position in the class 7 transportation network and Orano TN is proud to be a founder member of WNTI.”
David Ohayon Director of Business Line Waste at Orano TN and Chairman of WNTI
“WNTI plays a vital role on behalf of the industry by helping to promote a sound international framework for radioactive materials transport.

They help to build consensus, co-operation and understanding in what is a complex regulatory, commercial and political environment. INS is proud to be a founder member of WNTI and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”
Pete Buchan INS Director of Shipping