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15 November 2021


Eileen Supko

Kairos Construction Permit Application

In October, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) received the first portion of a construction permit application from Kairos Power, which requests permission to build a test reactor at a site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The application was filed in late September including a preliminary safety analysis report (SAR) for the company’s “Hermes” test reactor – a 35-megawatt, non-power reactor which would use molten salt to cool the reactor core. The test reactor will provide operational data to support development of a larger commercial nuclear power plant. Kairos Power will need to submit a separate application for an operating license in the future.

The NRC staff is reviewing the construction permit to determine if it is complete. If the partial application is determined to be sufficient, the application will be docketed and a detailed technical review will be carried out by NRC staff. Kairos Power plans to file an Environmental Report for the facility in the near term. If the Environmental Report is accepted for review, the NRC will publish a notice of opportunity to request an adjudicatory hearing on the full application before the NRC’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board.

Kairos Power Hermes test reactor application

Information on Kairos reactor

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