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30 November 2022


Eileen Supko

U.S. NRC Issues Proposed Rule to Amend Transport Safety Regulations

On September 12, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued a proposed rule to amend its transport safety regulations as contained in 10 CFR Part 71 to harmonize US regulations with the IAEA’s SSR-6 (2018 Edition).

The NRC engaged with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in the development of this proposed rule to identify and evaluate gaps between 10 CFR part 71 regulations and the updated IAEA standards in SSR–6, 2018 Edition. This proposed rule would close those gaps where warranted. Harmonizing NRC regulations with the 2018 Edition of SSR–6 includes changes made in the 2012 Edition of SSR–6 that have been carried forward to the 2018 Edition. The DOT is undertaking a similar initiative to harmonize its regulations in 49 CFR parts 107 and 171–180 with the 2018 Edition of SSR–6.

NRC’s current published schedule calls for a final rule to be published by July 19, 2024.

Comments were submitted by 17 organizations and individuals, with most of the individuals being anti-nuclear comments.  Organizations and individuals submitting comments included: Global Nuclear Fuel; Decommissioning Plant Coalition (Norton); Cardinal Health; State of Wisconsin; American Nuclear Society; Steven Maheras (no affiliation); Nuclear Energy Institute; Council on Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceutical, Inc.; U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration; Joshua Flach (no affiliation); International Source Suppliers and Producers Association (ISSPA); Centrus Energy; and Robatel Technologies.

Several of the more substantial comments submitted have been provided as pdf files attached to this report.  All of the comments submitted to the NRC can be found here

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