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1 July 2022


Eileen Supko

Canadian Nuclear Waste Management Organization Issues Safety Reports for Potential Sites

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In June, the Canadian Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) published Confidence in Safety reports for each of the two potential sites being considered to host a deep geological repository to store Canada’s spent fuel.

The candidate repository sites are the Revell Site in north western Ontario and the South Bruce Site in southern Ontario. The NWMO is working with local municipalities, First Nations and Metis communities in both siting areas as part of the site selection process. Neither of the two sites have yet been identified as the preferred site for the disposal facility.

The reports are based on years of research and fieldwork. They summarize the NWMO’s understanding of each siting area, including geological characteristics that indicate the sites can meet the project’s requirements to contain and isolate used nuclear fuel to protect people and the environment.  The reports discuss the sites’ geological characteristics; geologic stability; risk of inadvertent human intrusion; ability for geological characterization; ability to safely construct and operate a repository; as well as the engineered barrier system and transportation of spent fuel to the sites.

After a site is selected, additional studies will be undertaken to further inform the repository design and long-term safety case.

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