NAAREA Joins World Nuclear Transport Institute as the Newest Member


25 June 2024

We are thrilled to announce the addition of NAAREA, a prominent French-based nuclear energy company, as the newest member this June. We are delighted to welcome NAAREA to the WNTI family. NAAREA’s dedication to pioneering sustainable nuclear solutions aligns perfectly with our mission to drive the safe and secure transport of nuclear and radioactive materials. We are looking forward to the valuable contributions they will undoubtedly bring to our global initiatives.

Founded with a mission to revolutionise the nuclear sector, NAAREA specialises in next-generation nuclear technologies aimed at enhancing sustainability and safety. Their involvement with WNTI is expected to provide new insights and drive progress within the industry, particularly in areas concerning safety standards, regulatory frameworks and innovative transport solutions. Their membership signifies a collaborative effort to enhance best practices and foster innovation in the nuclear transport sector.

The addition of NAAREA to WNTI’s membership reinforces our role as a global leader in nuclear transport safety and innovation. Together with our members, WNTI continues to drive progress and foster a culture of excellence in the nuclear transport industry.

We extend a warm welcome to NAAREA, and eagerly anticipates the opportunities that lie ahead for collaborative efforts. As WNTI looks to the future, we are optimistic about the innovative projects and shared goals that will undoubtedly emerge in the growing WNTI community.