IAEA International Symposium on Safeguards 2022


1 February 2023

The 'IAEA International Symposium on Safeguards: Reflecting on the Past and Anticipating the Future' took place between 31st October and 4th November 2022 at the Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria.

The Symposium brings together global stakeholders in support of IAEA safeguards. It is an opportunity for Member State safeguards regulatory authorities, the research and development (R&D) community, industry and civil society to identify challenges and opportunities for IAEA safeguards, showcase research, share ideas, and build partnerships.

The fourteenth Symposium on International Safeguards marks three key safeguards anniversaries: 60 years of IAEA inspections, 50 years of comprehensive safeguards agreements (CSAs), and 25 years of additional protocols (AP). Entitled “Reflecting on the Past and Anticipating the Future”, the Symposium will consider the evolution of safeguards to date; address contemporary challenges; anticipate and prepare for a changing landscape; leverage innovations for safeguards applications; engage people; and expand partnerships.

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WNTI were represented by Simon Chaplin and Emily Midgley.

The Symposium was a good opportunity for WNTI to publicise the recently revised WNTI Standard ‘UF6 Cylinder Identification’. This Standard details a standardised format and application method for a global identifier for UF6 Cylinders. Copies of the Standard were distributed to interested delegates.

Simon Chaplin took part in the panel session ‘Safeguards for New Frontiers: Nuclear Applications at Sea and in Space’ and gave a presentation on commercial nuclear propulsion at sea.

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