Global Nuclear Transport Incidents Map


7 December 2023

About the Global Nuclear Transport Incident Map

During the WNTI WINTER SAMM 2023 Emergency Preparedness and Response Working Group Meeting, Working Group Chair, Hirotaka Nojima, presented the new WNTI resource: The Global Nuclear Transport Incidents Map.

This interactive database provides information on incidents such as:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Material Type
  • Transport Type
  • Package Type
  • Cause
  • Release
  • Injury
  • Outline of Events. 

By clicking on the icons, members can access detailed information on each incident.
We are delighted to offer this resource exclusively to our WNTI members. At the Working Group meeting, we initiated a discussion with our members to determine which data we should include next. It was unanimously agreed upon that we would prioritise adding the latest data. Stay tuned for updates!

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