A Message From Martin Porter, WNTI Secretary General



15 December 2023

2023 marked the 25th Anniversary of the founding of our WNTI.

It is a testament to our member community that we not only remain relevant but are held in the highest regard by our many stakeholders. Over the past 25 years, WNTI has achieved numerous successes through its stakeholder events, publications and technical problem-solving. The members’ drive to deliver credible solutions for the transport of radioactive materials continues to define our WNTI and secure its future. Engineering challenges such as the 48Y cylinder, the current UX30/DN30 transition, new package proposals and influencing regulatory/policy revision, to name a few, have all contributed to positioning our WNTI as the leading global voice of nuclear transport. Long may this continue!

In 2023, WNTI hosted and celebrated PATRAM 22 (in 2023!). It was fantastic to see so many attendees sharing excellent technical content at the rescheduled event in Juan Les Pins. The splendid backdrop of the French Riviera provided the perfect setting for this global transport symposium, which was much needed after the recess due to the global pandemic. The Antipolis Conference Centre was an ideal venue for ‘Bringing Transport Together,’ and the week was packed with keynote addresses, technical sessions, plenaries and panels. The evening social events allowed everyone to relax and reconnect. I would like to take this opportunity to commend my partners on the Executive Committee: Igor Le Bars, Frederic Ledroit, Cary Crawford, Jeff England, Sophie Videment, Anne Presta, Amy Northage, Emily Midgley, Chris Chen, Henry-Jacques Neau and Patricia Hamel-Bloch. Despite the challenges of rescheduling, they provided us with a memorable and fulfilling Symposium. Now, we hand the baton to our Co-Hosts, the Institute of Nuclear Material Management (INMM), and wish them all the best for their PATRAM 2025 in San Antonio, Texas!

Post-PATRAM, we continue to work towards providing the best value to our members by driving the highest standards of safety and security in the field of radioactive material transport. Our Semi-Annual Members Meetings, Technical Workshops and Publications enable our technical community to share best practices while also connecting organisations to find solutions to the many challenges associated with transporting radioactive materials. Undoubtedly, our strong relationships with regulatory bodies and key stakeholders such as IAEA, IMO, ISO, OECD-NEA, INMM, WNA, WINS, nucleareurope and NNWI contribute to our continued success.

It is our relationships and the long-term commitment of our members that provide us with the continuity and credibility to remain influential now and in the future.

Towards the end of 2023, we welcomed GSG, Eskom and newcleo as new joining members. With nearly 50 organisations as members and a substantial list of prospective members waiting in the wings, our membership continues to grow at a time of renewed interest in nuclear energy. This growth will hopefully ensure the prosperity of our WNTI for many years to come. However, we must not lose sight of the challenges that this growth brings. We must ensure that we pass on all our knowledge to the next generation and diversify our membership to meet the needs of future nuclear developments. If we succeed in doing so, we will see returns on our investments through increased attendance at our events, renewed interest in our publications and stronger relationships.

Leading WNTI during its 25th Anniversary year has been extremely fulfilling for me, especially after witnessing everyone enjoy PATRAM following the turbulence caused by the pandemic. Reaching out to all our members and stakeholders through PATRAM further emphasised the value of working together to secure the continued success of our WNTI. The commitment you have shown in this endeavour is highly appreciated by the entire team. Thank you!