A Message From Chris Watson, WNTI Chair



14 December 2023

Over the past 25 years, WNTI has remained stable thanks to leadership from within our technical community.

Our progress can be attributed significantly to the crucial support of our Founder Members: the Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPC), Orano and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Group (NDA), and the organisations they evolved from. Their active contributions have ensured consistency in governance and have been instrumental in maintaining WNTI’s consistent voice, a voice that has tenaciously advocated for and maintained high industry standards.

As interest in nuclear grows, so too does membership in WNTI. It’s crucial that we embrace this interest and provide value to all our members. Our portfolio of interests is expanding, as evidenced by recent successful events such as the recentl workshop, Advanced Reactors: Transportation and the Front-end Fuel Cycle for HALEU, held in Washington DC.

The diversity of our members has necessitated a diverse set of demands. This is where the importance of our Portfolio Board comes in; integrating the assorted needs of our members, prioritising actions in sync with available resources and funds, all aimed at achieving advantageous outcomes. These can range from devising technical guides, lobbying for regulatory amendments, organising specific seminars, global symposia and presenting to countries that are newly entering the field, all while ensuring WNTI continues to be the the authoritative voice of nuclear transport. To realise these ambitious goals, we must keep evolving as an organisation. drawing on professional and technical capabilities as required. We must represent our global membership

both by listening and taking action. As our membership diversifies, our organisation must also diversify, as should the attendees of our events. We strive to be even more inclusive so that collective expertise can be shared with future generations. We must evolve our services to meet the needs and expectations of our members. All of this is possible because of the strong foundation that WNTI has established over 25 years of maintaining safe and secure nuclear transport.

As we move forward, I want to express gratitude to all those who have contributed to WNTI’s success to date. Many of you have generously volunteered your time and expertise to maintain the high standards that we value highly. I look forward to embracing increased involvement from the next generation, who will drive WNTI forward.