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World Nuclear Transport Institute

WNTI - dedicated to the safe, secure, efficient and reliable transport of radioactive materials.

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What is transported & how

Each day thousands of shipments of radioactive materials are transported around the world, by road, rail, sea and inland waterways. They range from smoke detectors, cobalt sources for medical uses, to nuclear fuel cycle materials for electricity generation.

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Nuclear Fuel Cycle


Check out information about the safe, efficient and reliable packaging and transport of radioactive materials and the World Nuclear Transport Institute. Access the items posted on the website.

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The WNTI suite of publications includes Fact Sheets, Information Papers, Good Practice Guides, Standards the WNTI Annual Review and Conference Papers. All our publications are available in PDF format which can be viewed online or downloaded.

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WNTI TODAY 2016 Edition
WNTI TODAY 2016 provides information on the work carried out by the WNTI and its members in the dedication of the safe, secure,efficient and reliable transport of Nuclear and other Radioactive Materials.
WNTI Good Practice Guide for The Transport of UN3507 by Air
The scope of this good practice guide is to facilitate the understanding of the regulations associated with the transport of UF6 under this new UN number and to harmonise the implementation of the new rules.
WNTI Fact Sheet Nuclear Liability for Transport
This factsheet will review the nuclear liability framework and international regimes applicable to transport, before reviewing the insurance and specificities of third party liability for nuclear transport.

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Industry’s voice is made more powerful when it is heard as one. WNTI provides a dedicated channel to exchange information and ideas, with a view to developing consolidated industry positions.

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WNTI has grown to 44 Members drawn from a wide range of industry sectors. Learn more - access information on WNTI Member companies.

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