Joel Kruehler

HEXT Working Group Chair
Sefton Park, Bells Hill, Stoke Poges, Slough SL2 4JS

Joel Kruehler is Logistics Compliance Manager for the Urenco Group, which operates uranium enrichment plants in several countries. He is a graduated industrial engineer, mechanical engineer, from the University of Applied Scienes in Münster and has about 10 years of experience with the transport of radioactive material, in particular Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6). Further he is responsible for package licensing for the Urenco Group and acts as an advisor for Dangerous Goods Transports, Radiation Protection and Supplier Qualifications.

In his roles for Urenco and as the current Chairman of the World Nuclear Transport Institute HEXT WG he represents the industry in IAEA-, ISO- and other industry technical meetings. He is actively involved in the transport regulatory processes by participating in national and international forums.