Bruno Desnoyers

SSR-6 Working Group Chair
125 Avenue de Paris
92320 Chatillon

Bruno, a mechanical and thermal engineer, has been working in the field of transport of radioactive materials within the Orano Group (previously AREVA and COGEMA) for more than 36 years. He began his career at COGEMA in 1984, where he worked in the design, testing, approval applications and manufacturing of packaging for the transport of radioactive materials of all kinds (sources, fissile material, fuel cycle material, wastes, etc.). He then specialized in the implementation of regulations for the transport of radioactive materials and other dangerous goods by all modes of transport, from package design to operations and transportation rules. He joined Transnucléaire in 1997, where he continued to pursue his activities. Currently, he works as an expert in the areas of security and safety for the transport of nuclear and radioactive materials at Orano NPS. Recognised as an expert for about 30 years, he has participated in review and revision cycles of the IAEA standards for transportation of radioactive material, he has trained personnel in multiple fields of radioactive material transport safety (road drivers, dangerous goods safety advisers, consignors, freight forwarders, carriers) and he has participated in WNTI activities. Since 2017 he has been the convenor of the working group in charge of standard related to transport of radioactive material in ISO-TC85/SC5 and he has been the Chair of the WNTI SSR-6 Working Group since 2019.