Happy 26th Birthday, World Nuclear Transport Institute!




3 May 2024

Happy 26th Birthday, World Nuclear Transport Institute! 

This week, we celebrate more than a quarter-century of the World Nuclear Transport Institute’s dedication and leadership in the nuclear transport sector. Over these years, we've witnessed so many achievements, an unwavering commitment to safety and the fostering of international cooperation that have been the cornerstones of our institute.

WNTI’s contributions have not only propelled the nuclear transport industry forward but have also ensured that it continues to drive the highest standards of safety and security. The work has opened doors and bridged gaps, ensuring a safer and more secure world for everyone.

As we revel in our shared accomplishments, we’re filled with excitement for the journey ahead. The next 26 years promise to be just as innovative and successful as the first. With ongoing advancements in technology, evolving global needs and the continuous commitment of our incredible team, we are poised to tackle future challenges and seize new opportunities.

Together, we will continue to lead with excellence, advocate for progress and contribute to the sustainable development of the nuclear transport sector. Here’s to celebrating our past achievements and to all the future milestones we’ll reach together!

🥂 To 26 years of success and to many more to come! Let’s continue to make history, shaping a safer, more connected world. Happy Birthday, WNTI! 🎂✨