ISO TC85 SC5 Plenary Meeting 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Date & Time:

6th - 9th May, 2019


Berlin, Germany

The International Organization for Standardizations

ISO is a nongovernmental body with a mission to promote the development of standardization and related activities worldwide. Technical Committee 85 (TC85) deals with nuclear energy, nuclear technologies and radiological protection; standards relating to the transport of radioactive materials are dealt with by the ISO Working Group 4 (WG4: Transportation of radioactive material) in the Sub-Committee 5 (SC5: nuclear installations, processes and technologies)

The ISO/TC85/SC5 Plenary meeting and WG4 were attended by Hirotaka Nojima, WNTI Specialist Advisor.

For further information contact

Hirotaka Nojima

Specialist Advisor

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