IAEA – International Conference on the Safe and Secure Transport of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials

The objective of the conference is to provide an opportunity for Member States to further develop their understanding of the issues relating to transport safety, transport security and the interface between, to inform their work to develop or strengthen their transport safety and security regulatory infrastructures.

Date & Time:

13th - 17th Dec, 2021



Conference objectives

National and regional needs from the regulator and operator viewpoints will feature in the conference. There will be also the opportunity to discuss and recommend improvements to the IAEA programmes that are designed to support Member States’ work to develop their transport safety and transport security infrastructures.

To achieve its objective, the conference will:
• Facilitate the international exchange of good and appropriate practices for the safe and secure transport of nuclear and radioactive materials;
• Identify the challenges related to safety and security during transport, and their interface; including recent experiences with COVID 19;
• Provide a forum to share good and appropriate practices in addressing the challenges;
• Identify opportunities, such as the provision of Agency assistance to support the Member States in its development of a comprehensive and appropriate transport safety and security framework; and
• The Agency and Member States to use the inputs of the conference to inform the development of mechanisms for coordinating and enhancing the interface between transport safety and transport security interface in transport.

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