IAEA – International Symposium on the Deployment of Floating Nuclear Power Plants – Benefits and Challenges

Date & Time:

14th - 15th Nov, 2023


Austria, Vienna

The purpose of the event is to explore and discuss the potential deployment of FNPPs to enhance the contribution of nuclear energy to achieving net zero carbon emissions. It will focus on different aspects of FNPPs, ranging from their national deployment in territorial waters to more challenging applications that require the transport of fuelled FNPPs to other countries or their deployment in international waters.

The Symposium will consist of a technical session followed by questions and answers and a number of panel discussions. The technical session, taking place on the first day, will be used primarily to present an overview of past and current FNPP development and deployment as well as the views of proponents and Member States regarding opportunities to expand the use of FNPPs for a variety of applications. Presentations on legal
considerations (safety, security, safeguards and liability) will follow to provide an overview of potential challenges for the identified new deployment scenarios, particularly those related to licensing and regulation, transport, and application of safeguards. Invited speakers and presentations will set the stage for the panel discussions taking place the following day. The second day will consist of focused panel discussions related to the issues of safety, security and safeguards, including applicability of current standards and practices to FNPP deployment scenarios. The closing panel will discuss and summarize the main conclusions of the symposium, including proposed actions to facilitate deployment of FNPPs.

The Symposium’s specific objectives are as follows:

  • Review past and present experiences in deploying FNPPs, including overview of current development activities
  • Discuss the life cycle of FNPPs with a focus on shipyard production and deployment scenarios
  • Explore and discuss the feasibility of FNPP deployment: 1) in territorial waters — near and away from the shoreline — and 2) in international waters
    Examine legal aspects (safety, security, safeguards, liability) with a focus on legally binding instruments in place with consideration of, as appropriate, international standards (e.g., applicability of IAEA safety standards), guidance (e.g., applicability of IAEA security guidance documents), norms and best practices that facilitate compliance with such instruments Examine challenges related to licensing and regulation in scenarios where FNPPs are constructed and commissioned in one country and then exported/transported to another country
  • Discuss and propose further actions by the international community to facilitate the expanded safe, secure and sustainable use of FNPPs for peaceful applications.

International Symposium on the Deployment of Floating Nuclear Power Plants – Benefits and Challenges

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For more information on this event, and possible attendance, please contact

Capt. Simon Chaplin

Maritime and Security Specialist

Elisa Penda

WNTI Specialist


Austria, Vienna

Event Date:

14th - 15th Nov, 2023