Hirotaka Nojima

Specialist Advisor
1-1-3 Shiba-daimon
Japan 105-0012

Hirotaka Nojima has 10 years of experience with transport and packaging of radioactive materials. He obtained his Masters in Quantum Science and Engineering from Hokkaido University, Japan in 2011. After that, he began working for Nuclear Fuel Transport Co., Ltd where he was in charge of designing package for spent fuel and licensing. He also has experience working on the Fukushima Project where he worked to remove hundreds of fuel assemblies from reactor buildings. He received the Aoki Poster Award from the International Symposium on the Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials (PATRAM) in 2013.

Hirotaka joined WNTI in December 2017 as Engineering and EPR Specialist and left in July 2021 to return to his parent company, Nuclear Fuel Transport Co., Ltd. as Assistant Manager.

Hirotaka Nojima is now the Working Group Chair for the newly launched Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) Working Group.