WNTI Presents at the World Nuclear University (WNU)

International nuclear professionals are gathering this Summer at the World Nuclear University Summer Institute: an intensive 270 hours leadership development programme dedicated to future leaders in nuclear energy.




18 July 2019

Representing World Nuclear Transport Institute, new Specialist Advisor Scott Edwards delivered a viewpoint and briefing entitled ‘The Transport Regulation: a global and challenging picture’, as well as ‘Safety vested on the packaging: the IAEA tests.. and others’, as well as discussing the ‘Transport surrounding issues’ within our industry.

The World Nuclear University is a worldwide network of nuclear education and research institutions, offering training courses for future leaders on nuclear energy, radioisotope production and applications of ionising radiation in medicine and industry. The Summer Institute offers dynamic lectures, invited leaders presentations, field trips to nuclear and industrial facilities, social events and team projects led by some of the world’s foremost authorities. These cover the global energy setting and sustainable development, technology innovations, international safety regime, economics and project structuring.

“The transport of nuclear and other radioactive materials is one of the most visible activities performed by the nuclear industry as it takes place amidst the public. The briefing this week was an opportunity for future leaders from around the world to learn about the challenges involved with transport activities, and the planning and effort required to be successful. I was pleased to be able to give an industry perspective and answer a number of questions from this diverse international audience.”
Scott Edwards WNTI Specialist Advisor