With over 20 years’ experience, we are the leading international organisation representing the collective interests of the radioactive materials transport sector, and those who rely on safe, secure, effective and reliable transport.

Membership types

We have 3 membership types currently available.

With regards to criteria, our membership is open to all companies involved in or which attach importance to the transport of radioactive materials for peaceful purposes; and who actively promote safe, secure, effective and reliable transport.


Make a substantial commitment and are actively involved in WNTI’s strategy and development.

Along with having their voice heard within the regulatory governing bodies, they receive a seat on the WNTI board and advisory committee and can affect the direction of the WNTI itself.


Actively participate in the development of Good Practices and Position Papers through the Industry Working Groups.

They have access to all information produced by the WNTI and all meetings held; and when applicable, have a chance to help shape the safety, reliability, and regulatory future for the transportation of nuclear goods.


Smaller companies with lesser direct involvement in nuclear transport activities but play an important role in the overall supply chain.

Membership enquiries

For more information about our memberships please contact our Membership and Events Executive, Amy Northage.

Amy Northage

Membership and Events Executive