First meeting of the IAEA Denial of Shipment Working Group

Date & Time:

23rd - 27th Jan, 2023



The IAEA, Member States, Intergovernmental Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, and Industry have long recognised the challenges that the nuclear industry faces when there are denials and delays to the transport of radioactive materials. These denials and delays can have a particularly serious impact on the transport of pharmaceuticals for medical use. Many of these products have a short half-life and can become useless if they are not delivered to the hospital on time.

The IAEA Denial of Shipment (DoS) Working Group will co-ordinate multi stakeholder efforts to address, and where possible remove, the barriers that are frustrating these transports.

The DoS WG is supported by 3 sub-working groups. These are,

SWG 1 – DoS Data Collection, Analysis and Metrics

SWG 2 – Potential Resolutions for DoS Problems

SWG 3 – Awareness, Training and Outreach

Denial of Shipment WG - Terms of Reference

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IAEA - DoS - 3.2_Draft_ ToR DoS final version_as agreed during the meeting in January 2023

77KB, 22 Feb 2023

For more information contact

Capt. Simon Chaplin

Maritime and Security Specialist



Event Date:

23rd - 27th Jan, 2023

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